No common background. No common politics. No common nation.

One common motivation - the desire to do anything necessary to keep the money rolling
in. Travis Banner, Vanessa Green, and Cathy Finn are led by Adam Garcia as mercenar-
ies with a desire to do nothing but kill for the taste of money and blood.
Fielding commands from wealthy, powerful nations, these killers are lawless.
Without laws, they will do anything to get the job done. As powerful nations try to maintain
international status, they prey on developing nations who are rich in oil.
They take over these smaller countries under the guise of bringing foreign aid.
Making claims of injustice and oppression to the media, they gain support.
All the while, conflict is sparked and plays are made to control the developing nations'
All in a day's work - and a quieted heartbeat.

Are you ruthless enough to go for the Blackshot?